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Crew Skills Crew skill is probably the most important criteria because they determine crew quality, and have a direct effect on gameplay. You would be wise to pay special attention to this number. Crew skills are shown in percentage form. As his skill improves, your combat effectiveness improves. For example, if your tank has a maximum visibility range of meters. The difference in combat effectiveness is huge – so huge that you just need to try it for yourself to believe. For Commanders, they further give a ten percent skill boost to their crew. As mentioned, crew skill is improved through combat experience. But if you would like to shortcut that process, you may send your crew for training at the Tank Academy or Regimental School. More on training is explained below.

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A rozhodně bere matchmaking do úvahy vaše hodnocení a omezují vaše možnosti být statisticky ještě lepší tím, že vám dávají horší teamy. Ohledně té T, která byla pekelně rychlá a agilní, tak její náhrada MT je děs a hrůza. Maximální rychlost sice má, ale akcelerace brutálně spadla, je línější.

While DPM is an important stat it is not as important as one might think. Think of a battle in World of Tanks and also of how many times you have fired continuously for a full minute. A full minute in World of Tanks time is an extremely long time to be firing uninterrupted aside from SPGs if they do not need to re-aim and is not something you would expect to happen. There are also variables such as needing to wait for shots to fully aim, actually moving your gun to aim at shots tougher for high RoF guns , tanks using cover between reloads helps low RoF guns , and armor deflecting shells.

Generally a tank with a higher rate of fire will actually suffer more so than a lower rate of fire tank in most scenarios unless it is set in a place with no cover whatsoever. Basically, a tank will sometimes especially at the start of a skirmish or match already have a shell loaded when it comes to face to face with an enemy.

This scenario also hurts tanks with a higher rate of fire in most cases since that trait usually comes with a lower damage per shot value alpha. This is because the tank with a higher damage is able to start out ahead of the lower damage per shot tank who has to catch up. Take for example the STB-1 versus the Maus. The Maus will be the green values while the STB-1 will the the orange-ish values. While you can deduce the amount of time it takes the kill one another based off of these stats you must also take into account whether the tanks are pre-loaded when they see one another and also the true reload times.

A tank simply cannot fire off mid-reload and do damage and must wait for the full reload time to pass. This hurts tanks with a slower rate of fire if there is no cover to hide behind since the time between their shots is much greater and leaving a low HP enemy for a longer period of time happens.

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Its top turret will be removed and will be replaced by the production variant of the M24 Chaffee basically, both turrets look roughly the same, the new one has a machinegun or something. The line composition will be: Tier 5 — Chaffee model leak, second leak Tier 6 — T37 Light Tank model leak, history of the tank Tier 7 — M41 Walker Bulldog model leak, leaked stats, more leaked stats Tier 8 — T49 Light Tank model and stats leak, history So yes, the tier 8 will have a mm gun-launcher, without the missiles of course.

Model leak can be found here screenies were even officially released by Wargaming — keep in mind that originally, the LT was supposed to be premium tier 8 medium tank, but the developers, unable to buff the LTTB to tier 8, have decided to make it a LT8.

You play RimWorld and call WoT matchmaking bullshittery? Seriously? I’ve played quite a few games in my time, and RimWorld really takes the cake and eats it in a way that half of the thing gets splattered in a kilometer radius when it comes to game inherent bullshit.

IrmaBecx About a year and a half ago, I issued a challenge to all Littlepard drivers. Armour, as you know, is all the rage these days. Enough to get a few bounces, but not enough to slow you down too much. What a few bits of useable armour does, is allow you to be more aggressive. And I liked the SU M1 too. It was a quirky tank, a quirky Russian tank nonetheless, and I always thought it looked really good. This was before I drove Russian tenks at all. The Rudy dropped like a month later, and that was my first.

What is a thing however, is the Object ; the incomparable Yolo Wagon. Well, one of my dream tanks, anyway. The reason it can be a pain is that Tank Destroyers can be really team dependent. If you happen to be the most experienced player on your team, chances are no one else is going to really do anything to create opportunities for you to take advantage of, and so you will have to play further forward than what is strictly speaking opportune.

You are supposed to be a support vehicle, and so not really suited to taking the lead.


Historical Info MT drawings Difficult battles of the Soviet-German front in negated the advantages of light tanks. Equipped with relatively weak weapons and mostly bulletproof armour, light tanks as a class were becoming obsolete. The Germans were the first to see the end of the pre-war concept of a light tank, ceasing production in

Oct 27,  · >> >> >get matched against tier 6 every single game >try to stay with the team and help out >the microsecond the enemy see what im piloting turns the crosshair t.

Matchmaking Matchmaking The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. For example it is IS – russian heavy with tier 7. The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9. Randomly is the tier for battle selected.

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It would indirectly receive nerfs thanks to other tanks or general game mechanic changes. Lost almost a third of its HEAT penetration, down to from General HEAT nerfs made its firepower weak versus spaced armor HEAT shells were made much more expensive So… a tank that had one good gun going for it lost its penetration, was made crap versus spaced armor which every tank in the game has thanks to track armor, and it costs even more to bounce a tank.

All in all, the VK

With you can determine the development of World of Tanks players and clans.

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Sc2 Rank Explained. – Clipped by RizenSaga.

At the same time Japan launched a massive invasion across the Pacific, however that was on the other side of the date line, so the war started on the 8th. These marines were part of the embassy guards. Overhead three Japanese planes circled lazily. Omura, and his superior Lieutenant General Kyoji Tominaga very well. Brown had socialised with both before the sudden outbreak of hostilities and counted both as friends. Omura had a written proposal.

It asked the Marines to surrender at one location, after stacking weapons at another.

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Message GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation If you would like to find out more about this boat and any other boats of this type and range, Navigare will request some simple details about you name, surname, email address and, if needed, your telephone number. These details will be processed by Navigare according to the purposes and means of the processing indicated in the privacy statement under the PRIVACY Section of this website, referred to herein. Having read the privacy statement on the treatment of personal data, I give my consent, in electronic format, to the processing of my personal data, for the purposes expressed in the above-mentioned privacy statement.

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Repeater-builder is looking for additional info on the Regency and RELM repeaters, bases, mobiles, etc. Photos, like those of the K scanner below, would be appreciated. Regency Electronics was an old-line electronics manufacturer from the s and s I still have an early Regency TR-1 pocket transistor radio, and a MR-series tube-type tunable VHF monitor tabletop receiver from about or , both of which my dad brought home one evening The Regency representative gave him two of the items after the photo shoot was finished.

A number of years later I found a matching tunable low band receiver at a neignborhood garage sale. All three still work perfectly today. The Civil Air Patrol had been using them, under the Regency brand name, for many years at that point. Regency’s last consumer product lines included programmable scanner receivers, including the “M” series, which were the first synthesized scanners that covered the amateur 10 and 2 meters and MHz band without mods, and advertised as such.

Later on Regency Electronics abandoned the consumer electronics market, and today the name is unknown, except as the first two words in Regency Electronics Land Mobile, better known as RELM.

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