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The improved matchmaker builds two teams with several key criteria in mind: Comparable in their aggregate combat parameters. Diverse in vehicle types and versatile enough to provide an engaging gaming experience. Balanced in a way that gives both sides a chance at victory. The variant you land depends on the queue composition, but whichever you get, there will be no battles where vehicles in the middle are outnumbered by those at the top. There will always be: No fewer vehicles in the middle than at the top. No fewer vehicles at the bottom than in the middle. In this case, you can get a two-level or single-level battle.

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Ship classes on a given tier have the same weight. CVs have a little more weight and premiums, a little less. Low number of players in the morning. If there is only a Nagato and a division of 3 Yamatos online, the battle will be 3vs1. The matchmaking system creates a battle group without taking into account it will have to split it in two teams. Thus, sometimes, teams are not balanced properly.

Wargaming is a business, so the need to make money. One of the ways they earn their money is by releasing premium tanks you have to pay for (or buy using gold, which is the same thing).

Yeh, but, are those games your changing the result of because your playing well? Might be, or could just be the other team were just that bit worse and you think it was down to you. Well you play the same most games, I mean look at the games when you play exceptionally well but lose game after game. Nothing to do with the way you play, just your team were bad.

Yeh u can carry, but sometimes your team will lose no matter what. Now, is that random?

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This also includes equivalent calibers in inches, pounds, or centimeters. The GLD is particularly useful on certain guns which have a very long aim time. On vehicles which can mount vertical stabilizers, use a GLD in combination with a Vertical Stabilizer for maximum aim time reduction, but vertical stabilizers are generally considered more beneficial than GLDs when available. GLDs are available on almost all vehicles of all Nations, from Tier

Equipment improves the effectiveness of the tank in combat. Unlike consumables, equipment is a one-time cost addition, with each having its own advantage; however, they come at a high cost.

War Thunder – Matchmaking via Numbers War thunder matchmaking explained – Navigation menu Unflaired posts don’t get an upvote button and incorrectly flaired posts may be removed. Please strive to post at most once per day for any one kind of matchmaking. All content should be clearly relevant to the game of War Thunder and its vehicles. No abuse, harassment, racism, hate speech, discrimination, flame-baiting, trolling, nor general assholery. Don’t encourage witch hunts against anyone.

Be war to thunder other. No posts related jewish matchmaking services toronto breaking the explained set out by Gaijin. PMs to individual mods may be ignored. Tiers and Ranks thunder So I’m in a group with friends, if I thunder a T to take along, it puts us in rank 2. So, since we’re pretty new, I skip the T matchmaking take something else to keep us at rank 1.

Once in game, I get wrecked by Tier 2 tanks of all kinds. My assumption is that there is some fundamental misunderstanding on my part.

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As you can imagine, I recieved literally dozens of e-mails over last couple of months, inviting me to try War Thunder not only Ground Forces, just War Thunder in general. I resisted for quite some time, but about a month ago, I was like… fuck it, I should try it after all — and I got to try it today. Trying it is one thing, writing about it another matter. I still am not, but what the hell, right?

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At work in a deep wet hole, he had recklessly omitted to slab the walls of a drive; uprights and tailors yielded under the lateral pressure, and the rotten earth collapsed, bringing down the roof in its train. The digger fell forward on his face, his ribs jammed across his pick, his arms pinned to his sides, nose and mouth pressed into the sticky mud as into a mask; and over his defenceless body, with a roar that burst his ear-drums, broke stupendous masses of earth. His mates at the windlass went staggering back from the belch of violently discharged air: Their shouts drawing no response, the younger and nimbler of the two—he was a mere boy, for all his amazing growth of beard—put his foot in the bucket and went down on the rope, kicking off the sides of the shaft with his free foot.

A group of diggers, gathering round the pit-head, waited for the tug at the rope. It was quick in coming; and the lad was hauled to the surface. The crowd melted with a “Poor Bill—God rest his soul! Such accidents were not infrequent; each man might thank his stars it was not he who lay cooling down below. And so, since no more washdirt would be raised from this hole, the party that worked it made off for the nearest grog-shop, to wet their throats to the memory of the dead, and to discuss future plans.

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June 06, , This will break the game and is a blatant money grab at least that is what I believe and a move to pay to win. This boycott is voluntary, obviously Here is the message from JustAnAce I’ll just go ahead and post the message I have been sending to clan leaders. And if you haven’t gotten it then it is because I am only human:

Another useful information is the way, in which World of Tanks selects players to the team. Beginner tankers playing with their friends often complain that their vehicle is not able to damage enemy machines, because they are too high tier.

This is gonna be my final attempt to shed some light on this. Please try to read and don’t ruin this thread with off-topic comments. If you read carefully and then play WoT, you will notice the pattern yourselves. What is seen cannot be unseen. Net protecting it’s intellectual property mentioned in the patent and being used in World Of Tanks. But that raised the question: Can it’s content put some light on current game mechanics? It revealed a mechanism of arranging players into battles , the so called Match Maker MM , putting the players in harder situations higher tier battles for the same tank if they win and in easier situations lower tier battles if they lose.

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Crew Skills Crew skill is probably the most important criteria because they determine crew quality, and have a direct effect on gameplay. You would be wise to pay special attention to this number. Crew skills are shown in percentage form. As his skill improves, your combat effectiveness improves.

Premium Tanks Understanding About Premium Tanks Every nation has a Premium tank, and they may be in the category of light, medium and heavy tank.

But despite his backstory and attitude, some of his perks are based around being altruistic. Just before the launch of the last DLC chapter, Spark of Madness, Cote mentioned that killers were having a hard time. Survivors were taunting them, using their better mobility to run circles around them or drag them on long chases.

The Bloodlust mechanic introduced in update 1. The result is a burst of speed and, even more importantly, immunity to damage and traps. Though Behaviour Digital designs each perk with an eye to how it will work with any other, since they can all be mixed and matched, Line Break seems like a particularly good accompaniment to I Got You, Son. You can run in, take a blow and give an ally a chance to flee, and then escape with your life, leaving behind a very stroppy psychopath.

While most perks are straightforward positive bonuses or abilities, Just A Scratch is a trade-off. To make up for this massive handicap, the perk also makes it possible to recover from the dying state, reduces the noise made by grunts of pain and stops pools of blood from appearing. A more challenging, sneakier game mode. We need to respect what they are, and not change the characters for our game.

And they need to work within the gameplay that we have. The Game inevitably comes up. There are already many differences.

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