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Stressed Out – Sirius Black x reader requested fic where Sirius find his very open and very sociable classmate having a breakdown? Maybe from stress or family? But basically finding the weak side of her and falling deeper into whatever fancy he held for her beforehand. Thank you so much! It was becoming too much. You had your Quidditch practices, no free periods and you had your O.

Bending the Story (Without Breaking It)

But unfortunately there was no room for them this year. Finally, let’s rewind to last year for a minute. Here are my Top 5 Songs from I believe I’ve covered everything I needed to cover. We’re now ready to jump right into the list.

– literally begging him to let you play with his hair – “i dunno, love. my hair is very precious to me.” – “please, sirius. please.” – you give him the puppy eyes and pout your bottom lip.

Harry has an idea that might help. Distraction – You get in trouble for kissing Fred, and he gets protective. Love – A fluffy argument leading to Fred declaring his love for you. I Told You So – Fred comes to your rescue and quickly falls in love with you. Fred and George come to your rescue after Slytherins get a little too close for comfort.

Panic Attack – You have a panic attack and Fred comforts you. Long Enough – You and Fred confess your love on Christmas!! George Weasley Loss – After the war, you return home to find your pet has passed.

Weasley family

With a Light Lord interfering in Potter Family matters and a Dark Lord hell-bent on killing off the Potters, a cadet branch of the Potter family has to act. Armed with knowledge, Family Magik, and supported by many cousins, Harry takes Magical England by storm. Realistic characters and some bashing, HHR with less focus on pairings.

M – English – Family – Chapters: When Lily was pregnant with Harry, she knew he’d grow up to be someone special in the world of the mystic ones. But why wouldn’t he?

Dating diasters of sirius black Macau russiansex. Categories include: discovery (Sirius and Remus realize that there are feelings between them), first time (first occasion of sex or sexual contact between the two), established (the two are already in a established relationship), the prank (the prank on Snape or the aftermath thereof.

I honestly did not think these were gonna get done but here these are. I hope you guys had a fantastic holiday. He held out a huge Santa hat. He pulled out a small folded piece of paper. Written in Sirius large, messy handwriting was a name. Sirius raised an eyebrow at him. Sirius watched him walk further and further away until he rounded a corner. Sirius turned around and walked up to James.

Sirius Dating A Pureblood Slytherin Part 2?

NeonDomino A Sirius Black collection based around problems single people face. At least the sales assistant in the shop understands. Hogwarts – February Event: Be sure to include the why. Sirius’ Sugarbaby Dedicated to Raybe Dating was hard, Sirius decided, as he deleted his account from yet another dating site.

Harry Potter fandom refers to the community of fans of the Harry Potter books and movies who participate in entertainment activities that revolve around the series, such as reading and writing fan fiction, creating and soliciting fan art, engaging in role-playing games, socializing on Harry Potter-based forums, and more.

When she did have time to reflect, she pegged the defining event of the before and after as the day that Remus Lupin came to visit her at Longbottom Hall. All the days after that were marked with change and chaos. Today had been another long, tiring day. She went to bed, alone and exhausted, but all things considered, reasonably content.

It was in these twilight moments between being awake and falling asleep that she fiercely missed Frank. She missed the solid comfort of rolling over in bed to slip an arm around his chest, to feel the heat and comfort radiating off of his body.

Sirius Black

Sirius Black x Gryffindor! Sirius takes care of your drunken self as you might let slip your feelings for him? Your eyes fluttered open as the worst headache you had ever experienced pierced through you.

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Sometime after she graduated, both her brothers were murdered by Death Eaters in the First Wizarding War. Molly played a large part in the life of Harry Potter , acting as a motherly figure towards him. She also was a member of the revived Order of the Phoenix following the return of Lord Voldemort and participated in the final battle of the Second Wizarding War. Molly’s actions during this battle caused her to be known as the witch that defeated Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange.

She survived the final battle to see her family expand even further, with twelve grandchildren by Percy and his wife named their eldest daughter in honour of her. Contents Biography Early life Molly: She had two brothers, Gideon and Fabian. She began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the early ‘s, and was sorted into Gryffindor House. It was there that she met Arthur Weasley , and at an unspecified point they began dating.

One night, they went out for a night-time stroll, and while Arthur got caught by Apollyon Pringle , Molly managed to get back to Gryffindor Tower at four in the morning, and was told off by the Fat Lady. First Wizarding War Molly:

lupin & co.

For weeks on end, he would make gestures to you, trying to persuade you into forgiving him, but it was no use, you were too stubborn, too smart to fall for his boyish tricks again. You remembered the first night after you found out. The girl he had slept with told you, and even said that Sirius told her to keep it a secret from you.

Dating Harry But Being in Slytherin Would Include Dating Hermione But Being in Hufflepuff Would Include Draco Talking to Y/n After She Almost Dies Would Include.

You have been discovered at the scene of the crime! The group sat in the Top Box, where they were confronted by the Malfoys, who were there by a personal invitation from the Minister himself. A little while after the Weasleys, along with Harry and Hermione, had returned to their tents, a group of masked Death Eaters began storming the camp-site jinxing the camp-site manager’s family and anything or anyone that got in their way.

Arthur, along with Percy , Charlie , and Bill , went out to combat them. Before he left, he told Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, Harry, and Hermione to seek refuge in the woods, and that he would find them when it was safe. Upon seeing the Dark Mark in the sky Arthur, along with other Ministry officials, Apparated at once to the location the mark was cast from.

Upon arrival he and the other Ministry officials immediately sent out stunning spells towards the suspected perpetrators, before realising it was Harry, Ron and Hermione standing in the clearing. He rejected the possibility that Harry, Ron or Hermione would have conjured it, even if they had known how to. After looking in the bushes in the direction that their Stunners had gone, they found Crouch’s house elf, Winky, unconscious and on the ground next to her was Harry’s wand , that he lost sometime during the Quidditch match.

Despite the evidence that Harry’s wand had, in fact, been the wand to summon the Dark Mark, Arthur refused to believe that either Harry or Winky could have been the ones to do it, and that someone else must have been responsible. Arthur and Molly Weasley.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Heyy can I get a ship from the marauders and next generation era? I am slytherin, scorpio about 5’9 with shoulder length curly black hair and black eyes. I am full sarcastic ironic and cocky and sometimes rude but once you get to know me I am very loyal supportive and sweet. I have a passion for music and reading.

Boy ship plz,thnx alot!

“Sirius can’t you find someone else to bug for once?” “I would but James is out with Lily” Everyone thinking that you’re dating one of the marauders because you spend so much time with them.

Originally posted by spaceythangs Request: I just read your head cannon of Sirius taking muggle studies and I was wondering if you could do a sirius x reader about it? Like Sirius goes out into the muggle world to look around and see what life is like for them, then he meets you and eventually falls in love. Can you make it super fluffy and stuff too? I really hope you enjoy!

Most of the time he was completely zoned out and thinking about all of the things he could explore. Sirius had been waiting for this moment for ages, now that he was here all he could think about was getting off this damn bus. Sirius burst through the door at an alarming speed, notifying everyone in the surrounding area of his arrival. He spent a moment gazing around the lobby. He made his way towards the lift When he jumped on the only other person inside was a girl.

You pressed the button for your floor and gave him a kind smile.

Welcome to the Great Hall

According to the Gladwin Thesis, this ancient journey occurred, particularly about 75, years ago and included Black Pygmies, Black Negritic peoples and Black Australoids similar to the Aboriginal Black people of Australia and parts of Asia, including India. Ancient African terracotta portraits B. Recent discoveries in the field of linguistics and other methods have shown without a doubt, that the ancient Olmecs of Mexico, known as the Xi People, came originally from West Africa and were of the Mende African ethnic stock.

You looked up to see Sirius Black’s sleeping figure next to you, his arms wrapped around your waist. What the hell had happened last night. Ignoring the blush rising to your cheeks, you looked down at your own body to find yourself fully clothed.

As the Charlton Neo followers online began to reach into the thousands, it became apparent to Mr. Todd that bowing to the hew and cry, Charlton Neo HAD to make the jump to quality, printed-on-paper hard-copy traditional comic books, available to fans and readers anywhere that independent comic books were sold. Well, perhaps experience, longevity and stability were factors. AC has been producing and marketing independent comic books on a monthly basis continuously since I myself did a couple of stories and cover art for Charlton Bullseye 8, in When the decision to drop comics publication at Charlton came about, Pearson approached Bill who was then preparing to launch AC Comics about the backlog of completed stories Charlton had on hand intended for future issues of the Bullseye that would never be published.

Bill agreed to publish some of those, under the proviso that Charlton would give AC permission to publish these already-in-progress stories featuring Charlton characters including Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Nightshade and The Question, during a limited, month span. That period was the year There were other Charlton stories planned, but they were not completed by the time the Charlton permissions ran out.

Astrotheology of the Ancients

Ironically, two members of the family he so reviled proved to be far braver than he thought. To keep Remus company in his werewolf state, the three other boys secretly became Animagi during their fifth year. Soon after the death of James and Lily Potter, Sirius was framed by his old friend Peter Pettigrew for their betrayal and the murder of twelve Muggles during his attempt to escape Ministry law enforcement. Twelve years later, Sirius escaped from Azkaban and convinced Harry and the Order of the Phoenix of his innocence; however, he was forced to remain a fugitive because there was no viable proof.

Dating Sirius Black Would Include -Being a marauder -Judging the rest of them with Remus -”Do you think they’ll actually do it?” “Of course they will, they’re incredibly daft.” “But we told them.

Hi could I request a Sirius imagine where reader and Sirius have an argument and like hanging out with the Marauders becomes awkward as the two make sarcastic remarks and stuff. Thank you for requesting! You were struggling to study and remain calm at the same time because, in all honesty, all you wanted to do was flip the damn table over and burn your notes.

It was soul sucking. Merlin knows how long you have been studying. You have been studying for hours upon hours.

5 Interesting Facts About Sirius Black