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Her nickname is “Queen of the Beam”, which refers to her prowess on the beam; she is consistently ranked 2nd and 3rd in the country. Carter and Kaylie get back together, and Lauren promises to keep their night a secret, also suggesting that they should become friends with benefits. Carter rejects this offer, staying with Kaylie until she finds out. Kaylie and Carter break up, and he eventually goes for Lauren. Lauren calls Leslie and invites her to nationals. Lauren is disappointed, however, when Leslie fails Lauren. At Nationals, Summer calls her and yells at her for disappointing Lauren and learns that Lauren’s dad, Steve, threatened her to keep her away. Her mother dies in a car accident, and Lauren doesn’t seem to care. She then finds out that Leslie tried to see her many times but Steve wouldn’t let her threatening that he would get her arrested if she tried to visit Lauren without his permission.

This ‘Make It Or Break It’ Reunion Will Have You Doing Cartwheels

The girls have been best friends and teammates for years. They are joined by newcomer Emily Kmetko Chelsea Hobbs , an untrained gymnastics phenomenon plucked from obscurity. It is revealed that Emily’s family is struggling for money, and she has to work at Pizza Shack to keep them afloat, and receives scholarship money to do gymnastics.

Kaylie and Carter break up, and he eventually goes for Lauren. Lauren’s mother is an addict who abandoned her for drugs, Summer her soon-to-be stepmother, tracks down Lauren’s mother Leslie, and gives Lauren her number.

Avoid using profane language 3. DO NOT post any revealing personal information phone number, address, etc. Keep all comments relevant to the topic Violation of any of these rules gives the blog administrator the right to edit or delete the offending post. At the time of my last post, Make It Or Break It had yet to be renewed for a third season, but fans will be thrilled to learn that the series will definitely return in spring for a minimum eight episode run.

With the first two seasons available on Netflix and the upcoming Olympics creating buzz, interest should be high enough for the series to get a full Season Three pick up. And I hope that Lauren Tanner eventually gets her comeuppance because that girl gets away with way too much. Carter feels guilty for cheating on Kaylie with Lauren. The girls track Kaylie down at a gymnastics summer camp where they went as kids, and the foursome agree to be teammates again — if not friends — with Emily as their captain.

Frontrunner Payson fractures her back in a bars routine and suffers an inoperable injury. Payson works to overcome her fears of returning to gymnastics after her successful surgery and Ellen Beals at the National Committee tries to manipulate Kaylie and Emily into backing out of the meet. Payson performs her first bars routine after her injury at Nationals and Kaylie manages to snag a gold medal on the beam over the Chinese star Gengi Cho. After Damon wins a radio contest to go on tour in Europe, he confesses on the radio that he loves Emily, but she misses her opportunity to say goodbye before his flight leaves.

Make it or Break it season 2 episode 5

A random girl’s random gymnastics ramblings. Sounds like another week at the Rock! Nothing of importance happened at all, except the Cryptkeeper finding out about Kaylie and Carter, which I don’t think she gives two shits about. That’s pretty much all you need to know.

Lauren couldn’t find the strength to look up as Carter walked out of the room. As she shut the door, wondering if she just made a mistake, tears involuntarily escaped her eyes as she pressed her back against the door and slid down to the floor.

To that end, McIntire Dondre T. Whitfield paired up the girls and told each one to create a floor routine that plays to the strengths of her partner, and then both would be judged as a team. Not only that, they would eat, sleep, train and breathe together. Naturally, none of the girls is pleased with the arrangement. He and Payson really clicked, so naturally Pay found out about the setup and blew her top. But she decided that Rigo is nonetheless dreamy, and so the episode brought her and Lauren closer together.

Austin turned out to be wrong on both counts, as he froze in front of the cameras while Kaylie excelled, and KP really was trying to help Kaylie. The episode culminated with all the teams performing for Coach McIntire, who warned he would cut the bottom team. Kelly struggled, but Kaylie picked up the slack, and their team qualified, along with Payson and Lauren, and Jordan and Wendy.

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How do you make a girl regret breaking up with you? You can’t make someone feel a certain way. All you can do is be nice to her and be her friend. If she still has feelings for you, she will realize it. If she doesn’t then she’s not going to regret breaking up with you.

Make It or Break It is a relationship drama set in the high stakes world of competitive gymnastics. The series follows a group of elite teenage gymnasts as they .

Set in Boulder, Colorado, this series focuses on a group of teenage gymnasts who are trying to make it to the Olympic Games. These athletes refer to their training gym, Rocky Mountain, as The Rock. While their skills make them contenders for the U. Nationals and possibly even the Olympics, conflict within their group becomes distracting.

She took third place at the Nationals, beating out top competitor Lauren Tanner. She works at The Pizza Shack with a guy she likes named Razor. Kaylie Cruz Josie Loren is a spoiled rich girl with her mom having once been a successful singer, and her dad a successful baseball player. Her biological mother, who wants nothing to do with her, is an addict who has been in and out of rehab several times. He has plans to move to L.

He cares for these kids a lot and wants them to do well. When Coach asks Jordan to confirm this, a fearful Jordan denies the story. Meanwhile, Coach confronts Ray and he denies having participated in improper conduct with any of the girls. In an effort to help Jordan feel safe about reporting the truth, Kaylie and Payson send emails to other gymnasts through a social media site asking anyone to come forward if they were ever victimized by Ray.

Make It Or Break It

Movies list Actors Related characters Carter is the handsome, masculine and dedicated long-time boyfriend to Kaylie, a fellow gymnast who is supportive of her career and struggles to help her keep their relationship a secret. Although he makes the huge mistake of sleeping with Lauren while drunk, after a fight with Kaylie, he renews his dedication to Kaylie and also regrets doing such Although he makes the huge mistake of sleeping with Lauren while drunk, after a fight with Kaylie, he renews his dedication to Kaylie and also regrets doing such a reckless thing with Lauren, who has true feelings for him.

He holds off on telling Kaylie the truth and reluctantly accepts Lauren’s help when he becomes homeless, keeping himself distant from her and waiting for Kaylie to recover from the shock when she finally discovers that he’d cheated on her months before.

Ellen Beals tries to make things difficult for Kaylie, Emily and Lauren at the final National Team practice before tryouts for the World Team begin. In addition, the girls’ rebellious reputations.

April 10, Who released the kissing photos? Kaylie tries to find a balance with her old enemy and new gymnastics partner Kelly, and Kelly is determined to make up for past mistakes. Lauren is trying to deal with her fainting spells, but still finds the strength to set Payson up to help her get over Max. Although the set up with supposed to be with Brad, Rigo ends up taking the opportunity to meet Payson for a coffee and sparks fly. She tells the reporter that her old coach Sasha is her inspiration, just as coach Macintyre and Marcus step into earshot.

As coach Macintyre comes down hard on the girls, Marcus decides to speak with Macintyre privately and asks him to make better connections with the girls to inspire them. While the girls are icing their gym wounds Kelly mentions that it was weird how coach Macintyre knew all of their routines from last week even though no one had shown him. They become worried that Jordan is ratting them out, and feel that coach Macintyre is doing a terrible job coaching them.

Payson decides that it might be a good idea to speak to Marcus about coach Macintyre in hopes that he can help fix the situation. She explains to him that the girls should have been advancing by now, but they are stagnant and Marcus assures her that he has heard her concerns. Rigo meets up with Payson for a few minutes and the chemistry between them is just as strong as ever and Payson is back to her old sweet self — except with a swarm of butterflies fluttering around in her heart.

Payson seeks relationship advice from Lauren about Rigo, and as if his ears are ringing, he shows up at their dorm room to ask Payson on a real date and they decide to go out later that night. Kelly is trying her best to fit in with Payson, Lauren and Kaylie, but is still having a hard time earning their trust after the diary incident. Kaylie is warming up to Kelly and trusting her more and more, so when Kelly asks her why they stopped talking in the gym when she came up to them, Kaylie spills the beans and tells her that it was about the reporter asking Payson about the kissing scandal.

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As tactfully as possible, I told them the plot needed some help if they wanted the series to survive. I don’t think they got the hint. Most fans figured it was too good to be true when they heard a gymnastics series was in the works. They could only hope that their favorite sport would be presented somewhat accurately.

The truth comes out about Emily’s new scholarship, increasing tension between her and Lauren’s families. Meanwhile, another secret is revealed when more people find out about Carter and Lauren’s relationship; and Austin is not pleased with Kaylie.

They train at one of the best gyms in the country, the, fictional, “Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center”, or “Rock”, in Boulder, Colorado , in hopes of winning gold at the Olympics in London. The three girls have been best friends and team mates for years. They are joined by newcomer Emily Kmetko Chelsea Hobbs , an untrained gymnastics phenom plucked from obscurity after she is witnessed performing an impromptu routine at a playground.

The girls future is thrown into turmoil when their head coach, Marty Walsh Erik Palladino , is blackmailed out of his job at The Rock and is replaced by Sasha Belov Neil Jackson , a former Olympic champion with a demanding coaching style. While Payson, one of the top gymnasts in the country, appreciates Sasha’s experience and drive, the other girls chafe at his demanding style and the restrictions on their personal lives.

Kaylie and Lauren come into conflict over Kaylie’s boyfriend Carter, who Lauren seduces and has sex with. Emily breaks the rules by taking a job at a local pizza place in order to help her impoverished family make ends meet. She also breaks the rules when she begins a romance with a local rock musician Damon Young. In the First Midseason Finale, the girls compete at the National Gymnastics Championships, where the top 13 girls will be chosen for the national team, the first step on the road to being chosen for the Olympic team.

Lauren engages in various schemes to improve her chances, but in the end Kaylie receives the title of National Champion after a bad fall on the uneven bars leaves Payson with a fractured spine and the diagnosis that she will never do gymnastics again. Kaylie, Lauren, and Emily all receive spots on the national team.

Why Does Carter Hate Lauren in Make it Or Break it?

Getting Crap Past the Radar: Hot coach Sasha Belov seems to have more chemistry with his underage athletes and his happily married colleague Kim Keeler , than with his canon approved partner Summer. Then Payson kissed him Emily does this after getting kicked out of the gym. Mark and Kim Keeler.

Lauren Tanner (Cassie Scerbo) in a scene from ABC Family’s “Make It or Break It” The plot, which managed to include nearly every gymnastics cliché in the first episode, is simply aimless. The storyline unravels — sorry, unfolds — at a gym called The Rock in Boulder, Colo.

The much-loved ABC Family series, created by the talented Holly Sorensen, ran for three seasons from to and followed the lives of teen gymnasts as they trained hard, loved hard, fought hard and cared hard. The athletes handled it all in the hopes of reaching that final goal: The series ended before the girls got the chance to compete at that ultimate competition and before fans could have the pleasure of witnessing it.

But, hey, lovers of the innovative and exceptional series will gladly take the good with the bad, especially since the former outweighs the latter by the weight of 30 gymnastics vaults. And even though Hobbs was the only one of the four main actresses at this reunion, the spirits of the others were very close by. Sep 16, at 7: Sep 16, at 9: Zachary Abel, who played male gymnast Carter Anderson, also wanted to celebrate.

And he wanted to use this post to bring up the idea of a movie again, something the whole cast and all the fans should be doing every day until it actually manifests. A post shared by Zachary Burr Abel zacharyburrabel on Sep 16, at

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Description: The girls continue on, at the Rocks, without any direction and are surprised when Lauren, Steve and a new coach arrive. Emily, Payson and Kaylie decide to go to a high school party before the new coach’s strict workout begins. At the party Emily runs into Razor, Kaylie fights with Carter and More.

The first eleven episodes follow the girls in the two months before Nationals , and then picks up afterward. The Determinator and top girl at the gym, rival to the current national champion and likely to overtake her. She’s in a Secret Relationship dating is forbidden at the gym with male gymnast Carter. Daddy’s Girl , Spoiled Brat , cheater, does Blackmail Her family lives in Perpetual Poverty , forcing Scholarship Student Emily to maintain a job at the local Pizza Shack while still training 8 hours a day.

She meets a lot of cute boys there. Put on a Bus literally towards the end of season two. This series contains examples of: Cassie Scerbo in “The Great Wall” – justified in-universe, as her character Lauren is competing in China in that episode. Faith Abbot as well. Kelly Parker, current national champion.

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Confirming the break-up, year-old Chloe told The Sun When I got out of the villa we tried to make a go of things but Im not sure.. Lauren is heart-broken to discover that her heart condition will require. On the way to the international meet in Hungary, the girls get a connecting. Last year, for pilot season, they picked up a lot of new pilots..

This week on “Make It or Break It,” there were all sorts of revelations as we near the (incredibly sad) series finale — some people inched closer to their Olympic dreams, whereas others are likely going to see them slowly fall out of reach thanks to the actions of others. Lauren – After it looked [ ].

Sasha suspends Carter after hearing — from Summer — that he’s been secretly dating a Rock girl. Kalyie’s distraught because her dad won’t let her see Carter, but she feels hopeful when her mom arranges a secret meeting between them. Unfortunately, the meeting doesn’t go well. In fact, it could be the end. When Carter tells Kaylie he had sex with a girl at the kegger, she runs off in tears. Meanwhile, Emily’s struggling with an awkward situation at home.

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