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In the absence of other pollution , seawater would not be harmful to drink except that it is much too saline; [e] similarly, it cannot be used for irrigating most plants without being desalinated. For scientific and technical purposes, a standardized form of artificial seawater is often used. Variations in salinity are caused by many factors: Sea temperature chiefly depends on the amount of solar radiation it absorbs. These temperature differences contribute to the continuous circulation of water through the sea. Warm surface currents cool as they move away from the tropics; as the water becomes denser, it sinks.

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Artisanal fisheries catch rates has declined 4-fold since the mid s. Fishers reported over 13 different artisanal fishing gears of which there are data for only the five widely used gears. Average catch rates declined 4-fold from the mid s Relatively stable catch rates are reported from the s to the mid s, likely maintained by shifting proportions of species in the catches.

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I remember wondering how I would wash my clothes, having been accustomed to the maid at home doing my bidding.

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For those who may not have learned about her due to education syllabuses skewed towards the colonial narrative of our history, Mekatilili Wa Menza was a Kenyan female leader, who led the Giriama people in a rebellion against the British Colonial Administration and policies actively in — An only girl among five children, born to poor parents in Mutsara wa Tsatsu, a village of the Giriama sometime between and Mekatilili rose to her destiny due to agitation with the British conscripting Giriama men to fight in World War I.

She was also driven by what she saw as erosion of traditional Giriama culture.

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Volume 52, Issue 8 , August , Pages Evaluating the effectiveness of management of the Malindi—Watamu marine protected area complex in Kenya Author links open overlay panel N. Muthiga Show more https: Biophysical, socio-economic and governance indicators were used to assess the delivery of MPA management objectives. Results indicate that the Malindi and Watamu marine parks that are no-take areas are making progress towards meeting their stated objective of biodiversity conservation.

The — ENSO related bleaching event caused the greatest single measurable impact on the coral reefs of the marine parks leading to very high levels of coral mortality. The marine reserve where fishing is regulated was less effective in meeting its objective of sustaining community livelihoods. The weakest trends were related to the development of governance structures.

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Malindi Kenya, which is known for being the “cleanest town in Kenya”, is a wonderful African beach destination where visitors can enjoy a fun, interesting, and relaxing getaway. Centrally located on the Kenyan coast, Malinidi is within a couple hours of Mombasa and a short flight or seven-hour bus ride from Lamu , both of which are also top Kenya vacation destinations. Malindi holidays are extremely popular with Italian tourists, though more and more people across the globe are becoming aware of all that this coastal city has to offer.

Besides enjoying time at a Malindi beach, many visitors like to entertain the Malindi scuba and snorkeling possibilities. Dining in Malindi is also a top pursuit for those on Malindi holidays, and you’ll enjoy a vast array of fares here, both local and international.

On a moonless night in Malindi, a faint light blinks across the dark ocean. They are men at work, using lanterns to illuminate their way, and also to lure fish into their nets.

References to these sources are provided as far as possible. Production sector The Republic of Kenya, with a total land surface area of about km2, sits astride the equator. It is imbued with numerous aquatic resources of immense ecological value indicative of a productive and valuable ecosystem. Its highly geographic and climatic regions cover a portion of the Indian Ocean coastline, swamps, wetlands, a part of Lake Victoria which is the largest freshwater lake in Africa and second largest lake in the world, and many large rivers.

Its varied habitats, including the deep oceanic waters, show a rich biological diversity. A distinctive seamark of the coastline is the almost continuous fringing coral reef which stretches parallel to the coast. This coastline comprises 12 nautical miles of territorial waters and a nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone EEZ with a total area of km2. Kenya has important, well-defined and well-developed marine and freshwater fisheries. The marine fisheries can be classified into two subsectors: A basic feature of the coastal fishery is the largely subsistence and artisanal nature of the fishers who operate small craft propelled by wind sails and manual paddles.

The EEZ fishery, on the other hand, is characterized by distant-water fishing vessels which exploit target species mainly with purse-seines and long-lines.

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Striped marlin move into the Rips Written by David Slater “Honeylulu” Striped marlin have moved into the Rips, good news for anglers as the sailfishing in the inshore areas has only been moderate, and better still, sailfish have also been showing far out as well in the last couple of days. The wind has been really unpredictable, swinging back to the south-east for a few days, but was back in the north again yesterday, so we hope it settles there!

Eclare had the best day with Bernt and Marc Neufelt tagging and releasing three stripies last Saturday, while Tina recorded two consecutive days with a double of stripeys with Fabio Trasari and friends from Italy, including an exciting episode with five on at once!

Established in , Minority Persons Empowerment Program is a community platform that was created by community members who regularly met in restaurants and hook up spaces. Members would mobilise and talk about a wide array of issues including health, HIV and their social determinants.

Chapter Four Hello to you, everyone, It is Sunday and I am happy to report this chapter is being composed on my very own Acer laptop computer, complete with the Safaricom Internet device providing remote internet access; woohoo! You can all expect regular chapters now as I am able to compose and send without traveling. He has grown sons and a daughter, with two grandsons, a grandbaby girl, and a beautiful wife, all of whom treated me like a long lost relative.

I have become close to the pastor hired to minister here, Rachael, and she generally goes everywhere with me to assist and translate as needed. Although Kiswahili is the national language here, everyone speaks English and it is taught from the earliest level in school, what they call baby class. For dinner we were served fresh spinach, chapatis, beef stew, and fresh oranges.

Everything was delicious and once dinner was over, we talked another hour or so. I learned that Stanley was actually the very first manager and coordinator of the Jubilee Center in , and brought in the first 25 children, ran the farm, and built the dormitories for them.

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Apr 15,  · A Kenyan man bit a python which wrapped him in its coils and dragged him up a tree during a fierce three-hour struggle, police have told the BBC. The serpent seized farm worker Ben Nyaumbe in the Malindi area of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast at the weekend.

We at the Mt. The Orphanage at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy is contributing significantly to the fostering of a new African generation of Conservationists. We host in excess of 10, Kenyan children and their teachers at the Orphanage every year. Our aim is to ignite a spark in the minds of the children through their first encounter with wild animals, hoping that it may later fan into a guiding light in their lives.

Our very special thanks go out to those countless individuals who also contribute to the cause of conservation worldwide. If you, yourself, are not actively involved already, there are of course, many ways you can become so. One of these is to associate formally, either corporately or individually, with the work of the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.

You will receive this online membership certificate suitable for printing and framing. Join our worldwide circle of friends by becoming a member of the distinguished Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy… Or give a membership to a friend as a unique and lasting gift. These tiles are specially hand painted to your specs and permanently mounted. We often have visitors discovering names of friends, children remembering their first visit, or a surprise placed here for eternity for your loved ones.

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