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Between and BC the ancestors of the Polynesians , the Lapita people, arrived from the Bismarck Archipelago with their characteristic ceramics. The people of Solomon Islands were notorious for headhunting and cannibalism before the arrival of the Europeans. They made little progress at first, because ” blackbirding ” the often brutal recruitment or kidnapping of labourers for the sugar plantations in Queensland and Fiji led to a series of reprisals and massacres.

The evils of the labour trade prompted the United Kingdom to declare a protectorate over the southern Solomons in June Traditional trade and social intercourse between the western Solomon Islands of Mono and Alu the Shortlands and the traditional societies in the south of Bougainville, however, continued without hindrance. Missionaries settled in the Solomons under the protectorate, converting most of the population to Christianity.

Solomon Islands is an island country located the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The official name of the country is Solomon Islands. Solomon Islands shares maritime borders with Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia (France) and Vanuatu.

Some say that visiting the Solomon Islands is like stepping back in time. The history and tradition here is alive and authentic. Early history There are a number of different dates and explanations about how the Solomon Islands was first settled. It is thought by some that ancient peoples may have arrived into parts of the Solomons as early as , BC after very slowly dispersing through South East Asia.

However, the earliest date of known human habitation has been put at BC from carbon dating remains that were found in a cave on Guadalcanal. Indigenous Solomon Islanders have their own origin stories, differing between tribes and islands but commonly indicating that they originated from within the islands rather than arriving from somewhere far away.

The first official European contact was the sighting by Spanish explorer Mendana in It is said that he named the country Isle de Solomon after the riches of King Solomon and the biblical land of gold. Mendana was followed by missionaries, traders, labour recruiters and colonial administrators from many countries in Europe and Asia.

There were heavy losses of life on all sides and names of key battle sites like Bloody Ridge, Red Beach, Skyline Ridge and Henderson Field remain to mark the brutal campaign. Guadalcanal was invaded by the Japanese in July and being so close to Australia, the island was viewed as an important stronghold. At dawn on August 7, the American Navy fired on the island while Marines landed on the beaches.

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Map of the Solomon Islands A sizeable international security contingent of 2, police and troops, led by Australia under the Australian Federal Police and Australian Defence Force name “Operation Anode” [3] and New Zealand, and with representatives from about six other Pacific nations began arriving on 24 July Military personnel provide security, material and logistical assistance to police forces assisting the Solomon Islands Government in the restoration of law and order.

From November , the military component was reduced, as stability gradually returned to the country, and a sizeable civilian contingent, composed of economists, development assistance specialists and budget advisors commenced the reconstruction of the government, economy and finances of the Solomon Islands. The civilian contingent is now made up of around personnel from many pacific countries, the most sizeable being Australia and New Zealand.

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Five Pacific reef islands swallowed by rising sea levels Published time: Focusing on two areas with the highest density of exposed reef islands, two researchers, Isabel and Roviana, examined 33 islands using aerial and satellite imagery dating from to Researchers found rates of shoreline recession were significantly higher in areas exposed to high wave energy than more sheltered regions.

The five islands that disappeared were all vegetated reef islands with areas up to five hectares 12 acres , which were not populated, but occasionally used by fishermen. Rates of sea-level rise in the Solomon Islands over the past two decades have been amongst the highest globally, according to the study. While overall population density is low on the islands, low-lying coastal areas are popular with the inhabitants, and those parts of the reef islands are becoming increasingly densely populated.

The study emphasized that it was of critical importance to gain an understanding of the relationship between projected rising sea levels, other global climate changes such as waves, and local tectonics, if the social impact of erosion is to be minimized.

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Welcome to the New Enlightenment The second discovery is about the whereabouts of hidden UFO Bases that I have found existing in the Solomon Islands for quite possibly the same amount of time, and how there seems to be a link between the giants and the extraterrestrials making the Solomon Islands their home. For many reasons, these groundbreaking discoveries have compelled me to share them with the rest of the World.

It has always been my sincere hope that hundreds of researchers follow up my work by going to the Solomons to continue on. Science is definitely a progression of new discoveries, and these are some of them. At this moment of time, there are hundreds, quite possibly thousands of these giant people and I use the word people for a reason living inside the huge tropical rainforest jungle mountain ranges of Guadalcanal, as the Guadalcanal people will tell you.

All claims made on this website [ http: Apart from being known for building timber base structures with sheltering sago palm and other leaf, they have vast cave systems running within the major length of the mountains of this plus kilometre long tropical jungle island. Some of the Guadalcanal giants live in organised lifestyles with social structures, and I have come across many Guadalcanal people that believe they can go from east to west through their cave systems without seeing the light of day, and many believe that their population numbers in the thousands.

The Guadalcanal Islanders also believe that there is a huge city of them living inside or underneath the big mountains of the Island. Tatuva, where they are also seen regularly is a good starting point. But that is not required, because they are all over the place and are seen on a daily basis somewhere around the island.

Actually, I can think of a dozen places around the island apart from the Mt. Tatuva area that are good starting places for the beginnings of gathering documentary photographic evidence of them.

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